Newsflash! Globally an unprecedented number of workers are abandoning the confines of the traditional brick and mortar, subdivided, shared workspace.

Then why is it so difficult to find a suitable space outside the conventional office / shared working space structure that isn’t your own home? Shouldn’t there be a simple way to direct these newly liberated digital nomads to available spaces at their disposal no matter where in the world they are?

These very musings inspired three remote workers to create workinspace.

Founded in London, United Kingdom, it is an online community platform that makes working life uncomplicated by facilitating access to affordable and inspiring spaces. workinspace does not own any workspaces and nor do they host work occasions, instead, acting as the conduit between a community that has a range of unique spaces to share and a free moving working community seeking functional and inspiring spaces to ‘plug and play’.

With the creative power of WIFI and the ability to move freely, workinspace makes it possible for anyone to work in any space in any place.